Jan 092014

Hi All,

I’ve decided to volunteer to put together some informal technical (or non-technical) presentations at work recently as a way of kicking the cobwebs off after the holiday break.  As usual, I’ll probably make the slides and notes available here on the site, so I’d like to see what the community would like to read about as well.

Below are the topics I’m considering.  Leave a reply on the site if you’d like to place a preference on one (or more) topics.  I’ll announce the winning presentation on the weekend.  Alternatively, you can drop me an e-mail with your preference(s) at rob.sanders@sanderstechnology.com – operators are standing by.

  • An introduction to Team Foundation Server
  • An introduction to BizTalk Server
  • Tips and tricks with SQL Server 2012/2014 CTP
  • A guide to project Management/effort forecasting and estimation
  • An introduction to the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
  • What’s new in Windows 8.1?
  • A guide to blogging/technical writing
  • An introduction to Windows Azure

Best, Rob

Oct 242013
A success story: the Aussie Wine Guy app

Time for a quick timeout — It recently came to my attention that the Aussie Wine Guy app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is doing a pretty decent trade.  It’s ranked amongst the top apps in the competitive Food & Dining category in the Windows App Store. This is really an awesome and encouraging [...]

Sep 302012

Hello Internet, This afternoon (Sunday, 30 September) at around 3pm I lost a black sunglass slip case containing my prescription spectacles somewhere between the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston (Wentworth avenue) and Kingston shops (Giles st and Green Square) in Canberra, ACT. The glasses in question are Ted Baker partial rim (silver) prescription glasses.  [...]